Grade Centre

The Grade Centre is single place from which tutors can access and administer any type of online assessment (tests, surveys and assignments) within a Blackboard course. It can be used to:

  • Store, manage and organise assessment results,
  • Calculate marks and deliver feedback to students.

A separate Grade Centre is available in every course area and shows the assessments set up in that particular course. A new column is created in the Grade Centre each time an assessment is set up in the course area (e.g. A Turnitin assignment submission or a test).

Students receive results and feedback that are stored in the Grade Centre via the My Grades feature.

Adding the ‘My Grades’ tool as a menu item to a course

How to ensure that students cannot see their marks and feedback prematurely

Grade Centre – Using Column Organisation

Use the Grade information bar to see a quick over view of the grade centre column.



Using Smart Views


Colour coding the Grade Centre


Creating a column in the Grade Centre

Using Calculated Columns
Creating columns which pull in and manipulate data from other Grade Centre items e.g. to apply weightings to assignments, calculate an average, or display highest/lowest mark.

Including Turnitin assignments in a Weighted Total or other calculated Grade Centre column

Downloading Marks, and Marking offline
This feature allows you to download a spreadsheet in a format that lets you enter marks and / or feedback and then upload it back into the Grade Centre.



Attaching a file to a Turnitin Assignment in the Grade Centre

Create a column to provide electronic feedback without an e-submission. (Guide coming soon)

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