How to export grades from Turnitin

Turnitin grades will flow through to the Blackboard Grade Centre, and you can download grades from there – see Downloading Marks, and Marking offline.

But you can also export marks direct from a Turnitin Assignment Inbox.

Simply click on the export button

Export Turnitin Grades

and an Excel file will be generated.

This Excel file shows

  • students’ last name, first name, and Blackboard username
  • students’ Turnitin User ID – you can ignore this
  • Title and Paper ID for each submission
  • Date and time of submission
  • Grade
  • “Overlap” i.e. the Similarity score, further broken down in the final 3 columns

Grades exported from Turnitin

If you expand the ‘Date Uploaded’ column, you will see that it displays the precise date and time of submission – very useful when determining late submission penalties.

submission date and time

Please note

  • The Export function is not available while an assignment has Anonymous Marking enabled (it does become available on an Anonymous Assignment once the Post Date has passed).
  • The exported file displays the data in the same order as on screen, but can easily be sorted as required in Excel.
  • The ‘Date Uploaded’ column is formatted as text, so you can’t sort it correctly in date order. You would have to do some manipulation in Excel to convert this to a sortable date format.