Content Delivery

Adding and editing content

Creating and editing an Item in Blackboard

Creating a Content Folder in Blackboard

Creating a web link in Blackboard

Using Drag and Drop to upload content

Overwriting files in Blackboard: How to update course content

How to copy and move content items in Blackboard
Moving content within a course, or copying it to a different course.

How to rearrange content items on a page

Using the Blackboard Date Management tool to collectively adjust content availability (including Bb assignment or test dates) in a course.

Using Adaptive Release to make content visible to specific users or groups (Blackboard Help site).

Media content

Uploading and embedding audio and video files into your Blackboard course – how to ensure that audio and video files play correctly in all Internet browsers.

Linking from Blackboard to Box of Broadcast (BoB) recordings

Embedding Media from a Hosting Website in Blackboard – Example: using the embed code directly from the SlideShare website to display an on-line slide presentation in a course. (Further details on the Blackboard help site).

Create a Mashup to show external media in Blackboard – For Flickr, SlideShare or YouTube.



Embedding social media and news feeds

Embedding Twitter into your course (Blackboard Help site guide)

Embedding a FaceBook page feed into your course: see this FaceBook developer page on the FaceBook Page Plugin.
Please raise an IT support ticket if you need any help with configuring the FaceBook code or embedding it into your course.


Content Editor

How to use the Content Editor (Blackboard Help Site) – Includes a list of what each button does in the editor.

The content editor allows you to format text, insert equations and hyperlinks, tables, images and attach different types of files to create content. The editor appears throughout the Blackboard as the default text editor.


Online Reading Lists

Linking to online reading lists from Blackboard (Library support site)



Using Fileshare to upload and manage files in a course or organisation.

Reusable Objects
Reusable Objects provide a way to maintain and update content which needs to be made available on multiple courses.



The content you provide to students on Blackboard needs to be used legitimately.

Advice on using copied text, images, internet resources and multimedia for online delivery :

Copyright for Teaching, Learning and Assessment – Information Management & Policy Services (IMPS).

Copyright – guidance from the University Library.


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