Course Management

Course availability

When a new course is created in Blackboard it is always set up as unavailable i.e. staff can access it, but students cannot.

It is the course team’s responsibility to make the Blackboard course available in a timely fashion: Making a course available


You can also use Qwickly to make your courses available.


Course menu

The Blackboard course menu

The default menu for new modules/programmes 2016–17, with suggestions for what each section should contain.

Customising a course menu

How to customise the course menu to include essential features & make it easy to navigate for students.

Adding the ‘My Grades’ tool as a menu item to a course

Resetting the colour of your course menu



Users and Groups

Enrolling other users onto your Course

Course roles in Blackboard

Changing the role of a course member

How to remove yourself and other staff from a Blackboard course

Guest access in a Blackboard course

Creating and managing Groups (link to the Blackboard Help site)

Self-enrol Groups

Importing Group members from an Excel list


SignUp Lists

SignUp Lists

Access to Blackboard for non-UoR staff:

A guide to the role of External Examiner on Blackboard

A guide on the non-UoR staff role in Blackboard

These guides describe what users with these roles can and cannot do in a course.


Setting your course entry point & adding a banner

Adding a banner to your course


Student Preview

Using the Student Preview feature

Navigating your Blackboard Course

This video will give tips about navigating your course, for example, what to do if your menu bar disappears!


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