Module Evaluation

The University’s module evaluation process is supported by EvaSys student evaluation software. EvaSys allows students’ feedback on modules to be collected either online or via a paper form which is scanned and the data added to the online repository. Students are asked to respond using a five-point Likert scale and are also given the option of offering responses to open-ended questions.

Module Convenors are required to write a brief commentary on the module evaluation, providing a synopsis of the responses to open-ended questions, responding to the feedback and issues raised, and indicating any actions to be taken in the light of the feedback. The Module Convenor’s commentary and the results of the general scaled questions (i.e. those which do not relate to an individual tutor/lecturer) will be published on the Blackboard site for the module and will be submitted to the Student-Staff Liaison Committee and Board of Studies (with onward transmission to the SBTL). The Module Convenor is responsible for uploading the commentary to Blackboard (with support from the Support Centre, as requested). The posting of the results of module evaluation and the Module Convenor’s commentary on Blackboard makes it available to those students who were invited to take part in the evaluation.

Module convenors are responsible for arranging the commentary to be loaded onto Blackboard, and to provide a copy for use in SSLCs, BoS and SBTL.

Extracts from the University of Reading Policy on module evaluation.


To facilitate this, every Blackboard course representing a 2017-18 RISIS module was set up with a Module Evaluation area at the bottom of the course menu.

This area includes information for staff and students, and a content item to which the Module Convenor’s response can be attached.


Action for Module Convenors at the start of the academic year

If your 2018-19 course is a copy of last year’s course, it will already have the Module Evaluation area, including any documents which were uploaded to this area.

Module Convenors please note:

On the 2018-19 course you should remove any comments and/or files relating to student feedback which have been copied forward from 2017-18.

To do this, simply Edit the item

Removing old Module Evaluation responses

Delete any cohort-specific text entered into the Text field then click Mark for Removal next to any attached files.

Mark file for removal

You can also set this content item to be unavailable until later in the year, when you upload your response to the 2018-19 cohort.


Merged Courses

In some subject areas, Merged Courses are used to combine separate RISIS modules which are being delivered together. These courses may not automatically have the required Module Evaluation area, but it is possible to add the area following the simple steps in this guide:

Setting up the Module Evaluation area on Shared Courses