Course Reports

You can run reports to view information about course usage and activity- see the Blackboard Help pages


Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard shows you all types of user activity in your course. All users enrolled in your course are listed, including instructors, students, teaching assistants and markers, with information about each user’s progress and activity.

See the Blackboard Help pages


Retention Centre

The Retention Centre is designed to helps you discover which students in your course are at risk, based on certain default rules, plus rules which you create in your course, looking at students’ engagement, assessment performance etc.

See the Blackboard Help pages.

Important Note: In practice we have found that the Retention Centre does not perform as reliably as it should – please check with the TEL team for advice before using this feature.



You can access Class Stats and reports on QuickMark and Rubric usage. See the Statistics and Reporting section on our main Turnitin help page.

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