Blackboard Collaborate Guides for Staff (Moderators)

This is the complete list of staff guides (a mix of in-house guides and resources from Blackboard’s help site) for using Blackboard Collaborate. They are designed to help get you started and to support you to use key functions like sharing and annotating documents, scheduling and recording sessions.


Getting started

Setting up Collaborate in your Blackboard course (pdf)

Set up scheduled Collaborate sessions (pdf)

How to get started

    1. Audio and Video Set Up
    2. Call Into a Session
    3. Find Your Way Around
    4. Know The Tools
    5. Browser Support

Accessing Collaborate on a mobile device (via the Instructor app)

Recording your Collaborate session

How to record your session

Access your Collaborate recordings (pdf)

Managing your Collaborate session

Invite Guests to join a Collaborate session (pdf)

Roles in a Collaborate session

Manage Participants

Promote interaction and collaboration

Share Documents in a Collaborate Session

Annotate Shared Content  (Using the Whiteboard tools)

Promote Participants  (Change the role of participants to Presenter or Moderator)

Use Polls

Breakout Groups