The portal is a tab within Blackboard that is provided for a School to deliver important School or Department wide information and news.

The portal for a School can be made up of several pages and different sections for different audiences e.g. undergraduate or postgraduate students. This information is updated and administered by staff within the School and the Student Support Centres.

Permissions to edit sections of the portal are delegated and provided by one or more local portal administrators. All Programmes Managers and Senior Programme Administrators within the Support Centre have the Portal Admin role for the Schools which they support.

List of portal administrators


The following guides are for staff with the Portal Admin role:

Portal Administration in Blackboard

Top Tips for Portal Admins

Editing links on a Hot Links portal module

Managing Hot Spots on a portal page

Posting provisional degree classifications on Blackboard


See also the Fileshare guide for admins


Editing a portal module
Guide for staff with ‘delegated admin’ access


Embedding media (e.g. YouTube) and social media feeds (e.g. from Twitter and FaceBook) into a portal module – see guides on this on the Content Delivery page.

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