Teaching a brand new module next year? How to get access to the course in Blackboard

Where you are offering a completely new module, the course rollover process does not apply, since there’s no existing Blackboard content to copy.

Any modules scheduled for 2016-17 in RISIS will automatically have Blackboard courses created in early August.

Staff teaching those new modules will need to place a request to be enrolled on the relevant Blackboard courses.

For completely new modules, please use this form: Request enrolment on a course

and include details of any other colleagues who need to be added to the Blackboard course.


Alternatively, your course administrator – in your School or in the new Student Support Centres – should be able to enrol staff to the courses, from August onwards.


As with any other RISIS course, student enrolments will flow through automatically from RISIS to Blackboard in the new academic year.

How to organise your courses on your Enrolments tab in Blackboard

Is your Courses section on your Enrolments tab on Blackboard a bit cluttered? Do you see a long list of courses perhaps displayed in no particular order? Are courses from previous years being displayed that you no longer wish to see?

Did you know that you can decide which courses to display, group them by academic year and decide what information about each course you’d like to appear on your Enrolments page? This short video shows you how to tailor your list of Courses to suit you and make a cluttered Courses section a thing of the past!