News from Prosperity & Resilience: Mike Goodman

Mike Goodman

Mike Goodman

Professor Mike Goodman (SAGES) ran a workshop on ‘Everyday Climate Cultures’. Bringing together scholars from media and cultural studies, communications, human and physical geographies and earth sciences, the workshop explored ways of understanding and critically evaluating the everyday practices of climate change cultures, and the media representations that both inform, and are informed by, the everyday.

The workshop and networking event looked at the intersections of the everyday experiences of the public and the growing climate cultures that work to not only govern our ordinary practices and inform our ‘more-than-human’, green behaviours but that are produced through complex media forms, discourses and imaginaries. Specifically, participants discussed the ways that everyday cultures have become not just politicised in, for example, our ordinary behaviours of travel, shopping, entertainment and eating designed to reduce the public impact on the climate, but the ways these everyday actions and practices are framed in and through media. Special attention will be played to the role of ‘affect’

in the framing and creation of the practices of everyday climate cultures. This work forms part of Mike’s ongoing interests in consumption, sustainability, and food politics.

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