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The School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences is delighted to be welcoming Professor Elizabeth Loftus to the University of Reading, as part of our Albert Wolters Visiting Professorship in May.

The school will be hosting a research workshop The Future of Eye Witness Testimony, on Friday 4 May 2018, at 2pm.

Professor Elizabeth Loftus will be joined by Professor Martin Conway and Professor Peter Hancock for this exciting event.

The purpose of this workshop is to highlight important and emerging aspects in the field and discuss future developments and perspectives. The workshop will cover a range of issues and approaches including research into face recognition (by humans or automated systems), fundamentals of human memory and the practice of interviewing (especially vulnerable) eyewitnesses and eyewitness identification.

The day will culminate in a moderated panel discussion with all of our invited speakers where audience members can ask questions.

The event will be held in Nike Lecture Theatre, 2-4pm.

If you would like to attend, please contact our events teams at


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