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Last week, volunteers who produce neighbourhood plans for local housing and the environment came together at a University of Reading event to share their experiences and address the emerging barriers to progress. Gavin Parker, Professor of Planning Studies, explains more.

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The University of Reading is to host the first Neighbourhood Planning HIVE event exclusively for those citizen-planners active in developing a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Led by Professor Gavin Parker from Real Estate and Planning the day will centre on attendees sharing their knowledge, experience and issues involved in the neighbourhood planning process. The organising team are excited to pioneer this co-produced work with the agenda reflecting and focusing on the topics and themes identified by citizen-planners as being of most importance.

Discussions on the day will act to shape the design of neighbourhood planning in the future with a key output being the production of a report and briefing note which will analyse and consolidate the practical knowledge and experience of citizen-planners.

Since 2011 Neighbourhood Planning has developed considerable momentum with over 2,200 active neighbourhoods across England. The University has become renowned for its academic research on Neighbourhood Planning activity. This has informed Government policy and assisted active communities to navigate the process.

The HIVE event will continue this thread of research and practice impact with resultant report providing effective voice to neighbourhood planners.

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