Summertime, and the living is rather more hectic than you might think…

I have just popped back to my blog now that summertime is upon us. You might expect me to be basking in the sunshine and taking a break:

 meerkat sleeping for blog

Actually, my life is probably a bit more like this:

 Meerkats, Fota Wildlife Park.

Over the summer I will be writing a new book and getting all of my teaching material up to date. I will also be entering an exciting new phase of teaching, as I work on a major new project, called the GRASS project. This project will allow me to keep producing screencasts for our students and to work with colleagues and students in exploring screencast technology, learning what it can do for lecturers and students in the coming years.

It is an exciting time, and I will be happily kept busy not just with screencasts, but also with the Professional Track Degree which I will be piloting this year along with a new suite of academic placement modules.

Summer is such a productive time for us lecturers. It gives us the chance to catch up with ourselves and our interests and it lets us work on major new projects. Autumn is going to be great fun, and hard work…and the clock is ticking already…very soon, my students will be back and I will again look like this:

meerkat with kittens for blog

 I’ll be back in the Autumn with more updates on the life of a lecturer, season two!