Teaching Links in the School of Literature and Languages

This is a long-term project that is currently in the planning stages. The idea is to share our expertise so as to give our students the best possible opportunities, whilst also giving us the chance to manage our teaching and research lives productively. In essence, academics would have the chance to teach one or more sessions in a specialism and/or department other than their own, in return for other academics teaching one or more sessions on a module they convene. This need not be a straight swap, but rather a way of working that will evolve over time.

This is, of course, already happening to many of us in our teaching lives, but this more formal approach to teaching links will allow us to plan ahead so as to maximize the way we use our research time, and to use the expertise of colleagues, giving us the chance to be broad in the scope and ambition of our modules.

More on this at the School Teaching and Learning Awayday…

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