Led by Neil Cocks (SLL STAR and PAL Academic Champion)

Cindy Becker (SLL SDTL)


Member Michael Lyons (SLL Teaching and Learning Support Officer)


Central support Caroline Crolla (Peer Assisted Learning Coordinator)

Chantelle Turner (Peer Mentoring Coordinator)


Timing Three years, commencing Summer 2017


Purpose To reinvigorate peer assisted learning within DEL, to introduce successful peer-assisted learning throughout SLL, and to explore ways in which the STAR and PAL schemes might support each other in this context.


Methodology Collation of more in depth information on the varying practices across the school, then marketing in DEL to potential PAL Leaders for training, for the scheme to be initially cultivated there, before facilitating its adoption in DMLES and DELAL.


Timeline of activities Summer 2017: Neil and Michael start identifying modules and convenors who would be amenable to pilot adoption of the PAL scheme in other departments, and determine how to approach introducing the scheme in MLES and DELAL. Neil will also become co-convenor for EN1GC to facilitate running the scheme.


October 2017: Neil will start marketing the scheme to gather interest from potential PAL leaders, to start recruitment and training in advance of the 2018/19 session in DEL.


2017-18 academic year: PAL Leaders will be recruited and trained in DEL, ready for the scheme to be launched in DEL the 2018-19 academic year. Staff will also be approached in DMLES and DELAL for discussions about training PAL leaders during the same year, for adoption of the scheme across the school in 2019-2020, identifying particular modules for the scheme.


Spring 2018: Update report produced on progress with the scheme.


2018-19 academic year: PAL is launched in DEL, and PAL leaders will be recruited and trained in DMLES and DELAL, for the scheme to be launched in the rest of the school in the 2019-2020 academic year.


Spring 2019: Update report produced on progress with the scheme.

2019-2020 academic year: PAL is launched in DMLES and DELAL. More modules in DEL are included the scheme as well if deemed appropriate.


Summer 2020: A final report will be produced reviewing the scheme’s implementation across the school.


Outcomes A final report including recommendations for the continuation of the scheme in the scheme.



Funding? TLDF and PLanT funding.


Dissemination Through University T&L blog and the T&L in SLL blog and website.

This project will produce material suitable for conferences and pedagogical articles. The project will also be showcased at an appropriate Away Day.

Reports to SLL Teaching Leadership Group for consideration prior to submission to SBTL.



For more information, please contact either Dr Neil Cocks ( or Dr Cindy Becker (

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