Led by Chiara Cirillo (MLES and ISLI)

Cindy Becker (SLL SDTL)

(This is a joint SLL/ISLI project)


Member Michael Lyons (SLL Teaching and Learning Support Officer)


Central support Eileen Hyder (Academic Developer, CQSD)


Timing Three years, commencing Summer 2017


Purpose To reinvigorate academic T&L peer review across SLL in response to:

§  University concerns that our peer review rates are dropping.

§  Amendments to university procedures that allow us to approach peer review in a variety of ways.

§  An understanding that reflective practices can be powerful tools in peer review.


Methodology Based on the CQSD session on reflective practitioners, led by Chiara and Eileen, Chiara will produce 3-4 reflective practice exercises that can be used as part of the peer review process.

Michael will source any university guidance on peer review.

Cindy will produce a guidance document on peer review for staff, encouraging, where appropriate, a move away from simple peer observation to a more nuanced and in depth peer review, which might be conducted in groups or as a pair, and might involve reviewing documents, discussing themes, sharing innovation and so forth.

Chiara will share her experience of pair/group peer reviews within ISLI which have gone beyond the traditional peer observation.

Michael will monitor who has carried out peer review, and how, and will be available to make notes if group peer review takes place.

A review and reflection stage will be followed in each year by a development of the system, so that we achieve effective peer review across SLL and ISLI by the end of the project.


Timeline of activities Summer 2017: Material produced by Chiara, Cindy and Michael, as above.


October 2017: New guidelines sent out to colleagues in SLL and ISLI, but with peer review probably remaining ‘in department’ at this stage.


2017-18 academic year: Peer review encouraged and monitored.


Summer 2018: Review of engagement with both peer review and reflective practice (taken from data on completed peer reviews and a staff survey asking for responses to the reflective practice material).


2018-19: Moving to reflective peer review across SLL (giving colleagues in different departments to peer review together). The SLL Teaching Links Project could be made the focus of some peer reviews. Also giving the option of peer review between colleagues in SLL and ISLI.


Summer 2019: review of engagement with peer review and consideration of any themes for peer review in the following year.


2019-2020: Monitor the situation, adjust as necessary. If needed, we could consider allocating peer review partners/groups.


Outcomes Full peer review in SLL and ISLI by the end of the project; peer review being conducted in a variety of ways, using a range of reflective practice tools.


Dissemination Through University T&L blog and the T&L in SLL blog and website.

This project will produce material suitable for conferences and pedagogical articles.

Reports to SLL Teaching Leadership Group for consideration prior to submission to SBTL.



For more information, please contact Dr Chiara Cirillo ( or Dr Cindy Becker (

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