Led by Enza Siciliano Verruccio (MLES)


Members (4-5 other members, at least one from each department in the school and one from central/support services)

Adam Bailey (University TEL team) and member of the university sub-group on disability and inclusivity (the TEL strand)?

Student member (Eleanor Rush de Jesus did a project on this last year for the module ‘Literature, Language and Media’ and so might be interested).

Michael Lyons (SLL Teaching and Learning Support Officer).

Cindy Becker (SLL SDTL) and member of university sub-group on disability and inclusivity (the TEL strand).


Central support We might be able to ask the TEL team to help with training in this area, once we have decided on the means we plan to adopt across the school.


Timing One year, commencing September 2017


Purpose To find the best way to lodge lectures and other study material on BlackBoard, or elsewhere, to meet the needs of all students.

To consider the impact, if any, of the release of lecture material in advance on attendance and engagement.


Methodology An exploration of pedagogical research in the area.

Basing this work on the outcome report of the university sub-group on disability and inclusivity (the TEL strand) – Cindy has details.

A survey of what is available (include efficacy, cost, student access and so forth) across the university (and elsewhere?).

SLL student response to different options, with consideration given to which options might suit different types of learning event across the school. (Survey? Focus groups? RUSU work already carried out?)


Timeline of activities
Outcomes (If the outcomes of the working party warrant it, an implementation group might be set up.)

A report to SBTL, with recommendations for an implementation group if needed.

Showcasing via SLL T&L events and on SLL T&L blog and website.

Direct dissemination to SLL staff of best practice in this area, along with a brief toolkit directing staff to resources available via the university or elsewhere.

This might also require us to make available some drop-in sessions or one to one time to provide colleagues with the skills to perform well in TEL.


Funding? PLanT funding to pay for a student to work with other students through focus groups and surveys?

TLDF funding for some training provision in this area for SLL as a whole?


Dissemination Feedback to university working party on disability and inclusivity (in whatever form it takes by the end of this project).

T&L in SLL blog and website.

This working party could produce material suitable for conferences and pedagogical articles.

Reports to SLL Teaching Leadership Group for consideration prior to submission to SBTL.



For more information, please contact Dr Cindy Becker (

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