Led by School Director of PGT


Members (4-5 other members, at least one from each department in the school and one from central/support services)

tbc: Andrew Mangham, Karin Lesnik-Oberstein, Par Kumaraswami, Jacqueline Laws, Paddy Bullard, Matthew Scott


Central support tbc: Fiona Deane (+ someone to offer advice on international recruitment?)
Timing Five months, commencing November 2017


  1. To review current PGT provision across the school in the light of MoC’s recent report.
  2. To review our recruitment activities.
  3. To review how we currently provide training and support for our PGT students.
  4. To evaluate our PGT offering in light of the market and the demands on staff and recommend changes if necessary.
  5. To consider whether it might be possible/desirable to adopt a streamlined school approach to PGT support and training and recommend changes if necessary.
  6. To produce an action plan for SLL PGT recruitment, with central support.


Timeline of activities Week Two of Spring Term 2018:  Submit interim report to School Management Committee


Week Two of Summer Term 2018: Submit final report to School Management Committee



Outcomes (If the outcomes of the working party warrant it, an implementation group might be set up.)

See above.



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