Led by Catriona McAllister (MLES)


Members (4-5 other members, at least one from each department in the school and one from central/support services)

Tony Capstick (DELAL)

Mary Morrissey (DEL)

Jack Tame (Professional Track Facilitator – SLL)

Central support Study support advisors (Michelle Reid?)


Timing One year, commencing September 2017


  1. To audit current study support across the school, including the new ways of working as personal tutors.
  2. To analyse whether we have sufficient provision and whether we can share resources and best practice across the school.
  3. To create a plan for maximising the help we offer students, with any relevant costings and with reference to central support where appropriate.


Methodology Collation and analysis of evidence from department and central services.

Comparison with other schools and departments.

Engagement with academic literature on best practice.

Timeline of activities End of Autumn Term 2017: Report on findings.


Spring Term 2018: Implementation phase.



Outcomes (If the outcomes of the working party warrant it, an implementation group might be set up.)

See above.


Dissemination Reports to SLL Teaching Leadership Group for consideration prior to submission to SBTL.

T&L in SLL blog and website.

University Teaching and Learning blog.



For more information, please contact Dr Cindy Becker (

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