Led by Michael Lyons (SLL Teaching and Learning Support Officer)


Members (4-5 other members, at least one from each department in the school and one from central/support services)

Cindy Becker (SLL SDTL)

Marian Fisher (SLL Senior Programme Administrator)

Maddi Davies (SLL/DEL Senior Tutor)

Tony Capstick (DELAL Senior Tutor)

Hugo Tucker (MLES Senior Tutor)

Melani Schroeter (MLES DTL)

Christiana Themistocleous (DELAL DTL)

Chloe Houston (DEL DTL)

Paddy Bullard (DEL Student Engagement Officer)

Central support Hannah Smithson (RUSU)
Timing One year, commencing September 2017


Purpose To share and build on practices how student engagement is approached generally as a school including academic engagement and misconduct procedures.

To look out how SSLCs are run within the school in order to gain maximum benefit from our student representation.


Methodology Meetings and discussion.


Timeline of activities Summer 2017 (pre-working party): Michael and Marian to collate university information regarding processes around academic engagement and misconduct, for dissemination to the group prior to a first group meeting.


Summer 2017 (pre-working party): Cindy to talk to Hannah Smithson about the role of student reps within schools, and the training and support that is available to them.


September/October 2017: first meeting of the group to share ideas and practice and to consider how we might create productive parity across the school.


Autumn Term 2017: Fact finding by members of the working party if needed, followed by a further meeting in November 2017.


Spring Term 2018: Final report produced, with clear procedures in place, agreed upon by all members of the group.


Summer Term 2018: Report to SBTL and a meeting of all administrators and academics involved in these aspects of student engagement so as to ensure that the processes are understood and followed.


Outcomes (If the outcomes of the working party warrant it, an implementation group might be set up)

A final report – it is unlikely that an implementation group would be needed.


Funding? This is unlikely to attract T&L funding.


Dissemination Reports to SLL Teaching Leadership Group for consideration prior to submission to SBTL.

Through the T&L in SLL website and blog.




For more information on the Working Party, please contact Michael Lyons (

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