Madeleine Davies wins University Collaborative Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning

We are pleased to announce that Dr Maddi Davies (DEL) has been awarded a ‘University Collaborative Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning’. Maddi’s winning team includes Dr Jacqui Turner (Department of History) and Guy Baxter (Special Collections).




The award is for their work on the ‘Feminism 100’ series of Spring Term events that was organised with our Part 2 and Part 3 students to celebrate the centenary of the extension of the franchise in the UK to include (some) women. ‘Celebrating Forgotten Women’ was the centrepiece of this series. Feedback from the university panel emphasised the innovation of the project, praised staff-student teamwork, and described the activity as ‘an important piece of work outside the curriculum’.




Maddi comments: ‘We’re thrilled to have received this award, and we feel that it belongs as much to our magnificent students (Imi Snell, Vicky Matthews, Jack Champion) as it does to us. Thank you to everyone who helped us with ‘Feminism 100’ and who came along to the events to support us. We have two more events planned for the summer term and information about both will follow shortly.’

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