Moving ahead…

Professional development is important to us all, so here we are offering you information about training and development sessions being offered in the university and elsewhere. We are focusing particularly at the moment on membership of the Higher Education Academy. If you are interested in this and have not yet registered your intention to become a member, or you started some time ago and are stuck, please get in touch with Cindy for more help:

If you would like us to arrange for one of the courses listed here to be delivered exclusively to our school, please let Cindy know.


Get involved…

The SLL T&L working parties are going to be a significant feature in the school in the coming years. Each working party is intended to run for a year and will focus on addressing a specific, manageable issue, with tangible and measurable results by the end of the academic year. Being part of a working party is not an onerous task, but it is important to our development, particularly in the light of the Curriculum Framework. If you would like to be a member of one of the working parties outlined here, please get in touch with the leader. If you have an idea for a future working party, please get in touch with Cindy on



What our students are saying…

It is not always easy to know exactly what our students think about their life with us at university. In this section of the site we share ‘Student Voice’ events and also details of the issues that our Staff Student Liaison Committees are raising. Our SLL T&L working party on Student Engagement will help to boost the impact of the student voice in the course of the next year.


SLL Teaching and Learning Projects

SLL T&L Projects are designed to run over 2-3 years and are intended to build on our existing good practice whilst exploring new ways to produce an excellent learning experience for our students. In 2017-18 we have two projects underway, one focusing on our students (looking at the PAL and STAR schemes) and one supporting our own professional development (enhancing our peer review scheme). In 2018-19 we plan to introduce a third SLL T&L project, considering the highly topical issue of assessment and feedback. If you would like to suggest a topic for an SLL T&L project, do get in touch with Cindy on


Celebrating Success

Our school is remarkably successful in gaining funding and being given awards for the teaching and learning work that we do. We demonstrate innovation, imagination and good practice every day and this section of our site gives us the chance to share our achievements.


Teaching Links in the School of Literature and Languages

This is a long-term project that is currently in the planning stages. The idea is to share our expertise so as to give our students the best possible opportunities, whilst also giving us the chance to manage our teaching and research lives productively. In essence, academics would have the chance to teach one or more sessions in a specialism and/or department other than their own, in return for other academics teaching one or more sessions on a module they convene. This need not be a straight swap, but rather a way of working that will evolve over time.

This is, of course, already happening to many of us in our teaching lives, but this more formal approach to teaching links will allow us to plan ahead so as to maximize the way we use our research time, and to use the expertise of colleagues, giving us the chance to be broad in the scope and ambition of our modules.

More on this at the School Teaching and Learning Awayday…