HEA Fellowships Awarded

Erhan Aslan (DELAL) and Veronica Heath (DMLES) have been awarded HEA Fellowship status.

Parvaneh Tavakoli (DELAL) and Enza Siciliano-Verruccio (DMLES) have been awarded HEA Senior Fellowship status.

Parvaneh writes:

“While engaged in the very hectic process of leading a team to restructure two MA programmes in my department, I had little time to contemplate, reflect  on and review what I had accomplished and how well I had used the available resources. The Flair application process provided me with an opportunity to pause, review and reflect on my skills, abilities, strengths and of course on what I could have done differently. The thinking required through the process of writing the application was a rich source of learning and a moment of revelation during my academic career.”

Madeleine Davies (DEL) won RUSU Teaching Excellence Award

Dr Madeleine Davies has won the presitgious RUSU Teaching Excellence Award this year. She received the award at the summer 2017 graduation ceremony for the school.

Madeliene writes:

‘I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who nominated me for the ‘RUSU Teaching Excellence Award’. I have won the Award for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

It is difficult to express how much the nominations for the RUSU awards mean to us as individual colleagues. It makes all the difference to know that the work we do is appreciated and, when our students take the time to make this known, their generosity and goodwill is extremely touching.

Thank you again, everyone: I feel as though I’ve won an Oscar!’

Winners of University Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching and Learning (Collaborative) 2017

The Centre for Quality Support and Development (CQSD) this year awarded the University Collaborative Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching and Learning to members of our school.  This is a highly competitive scheme that recognises and rewards select groups of staff that have made significant and ongoing contributions to the student learning experience and also who have demonstrated an integrated team approach to enhance teaching and learning.

For the project: Promoting research-based learning through an innovative text and performance module


Dr Mark Hutchings                    English Literature

Dr Chloe Houston                       English Literature

Dr Lisa Purse                                Film, Theatre and Television

Kerry Webb                                   Library

Lisa Clark                                       Film, Theatre and Television

Josh Oliver                                     Film, Theatre and Television

George Ormisher                          Film, Theatre and Television

This innovative project builds on a TLDF mini award in 2016 for ‘Exploring Early Modern Theatre Practice in the Classroom’. It is an outstanding example of inter-departmental collaboration between academics and support staff, combining their respective strengths to enhance the teaching of early modern drama for undergraduate students.

Mark writes:

“This award is in recognition of a richly rewarding collaboration between two departments which share Drama in common but traditionally tend to do things differently. Rather than confine our engagement to either the page or the stage we explore how the two intersect, and how this might enhance the teaching of early modern drama. What is known and conjectured about the London theatre in this period makes it ideal for the kinds of staging experiments we carry out in EN2ENT Early Modern Theatre Practice, and the use of a theatre space allows us to demonstrate the kinds of practical staging issues Shakespeare and his contemporaries wrestled with themselves. As convenor of the module I have found that teaching in this format has enriched my approach to these plays and opened up a whole range of research questions that will feed back into the practical work we do together.”

Chloë Houston and Madeleine Davies (DEL) awarded UoR Teaching Fellowships

We are delighted to announce that Dr Chloë Houston and Dr Madeleine Davies (Department of English Literature) have been awarded The University of Reading Teaching Fellowship. This is a prestigious award conferred on members of staff who have demonstrated individual excellence and contributed to the development of teaching and learning within the University. The Fellowship is designed to support staff to further develop in this area and to recognise and reward excellence in teaching and the support of student learning.

Dr Madeleine Davies writes: ‘Receiving this award is a great honour and I’m looking forward to my work as a member of the UTFS Community of Practice. Teaching and learning has always been at the top of my list of priorities and this award allows me to engage in new projects designed to further enhance our provision. It will also give me fresh opportunities for dissemination of good practice as well as connecting SLL with teaching and learning initiatives being generated across the University. I would like to thank DEL colleagues and students for their support – winning the RUSU Teaching Award in April, and now receiving the UFTS Award, has been possible because of their encouragement and goodwill.’

Dr Chloë Houston writes: ‘I am delighted to have been awarded the University Teaching Fellowship and to join the UTFS Community of Practice. I look forward to learning more from my colleagues about good practice across the University and developing our teaching and learning in the Department of English Literature.’