Get involved…

The SLL T&L working parties are going to be a significant feature in the school in the coming years. Each working party is intended to run for a year and will focus on addressing a specific, manageable issue, with tangible and measurable results by the end of the academic year. Being part of a working party is not an onerous task, but it is important to our development, particularly in the light of the Curriculum Framework. If you would like to be a member of one of the working parties outlined here, please get in touch with the leader. If you have an idea for a future working party, please get in touch with Cindy on



SLL Teaching and Learning Projects

SLL T&L Projects are designed to run over 2-3 years and are intended to build on our existing good practice whilst exploring new ways to produce an excellent learning experience for our students. In 2017-18 we have two projects underway, one focusing on our students (looking at the PAL and STAR schemes) and one supporting our own professional development (enhancing our peer review scheme). In 2018-19 we plan to introduce a third SLL T&L project, considering the highly topical issue of assessment and feedback. If you would like to suggest a topic for an SLL T&L project, do get in touch with Cindy on