TSBE Energy Seminar – Demand side management opportunities for end users

This popular seminar series returns to University of Reading today to discuss ‘demand side management opportunities for end users’ with an wide audience drawn from industry, academia and energy professionals.

energy seminar

The presentations featured each speaker’s unique perception of the topic:

The seminar was opened by Dr Phil Coker, University of Reading and Mr Gary Cranford from Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce.

  • Dr Jacopo Torriti, University of Reading – The changing landscape of demand side managment
  • Rustin Cooper, Marks & Spencer and Laura Daniel’s, University of Reading & Marks & Spencer – A customer’s perspective
  • Charlie Edwards, SSE – The network View
  • Yoav Zinger, KiWi Power – Engaging smaller users with demand response

See Laura’s research with University of Reading & Marks & Spencer here: Supermarkets and the smart grid

WEB_supermarkets smart grid_Page_1WEB_supermarkets smart grid_Page_2


Mitchell Curtis works with University of Reading and KiWi Power on demand side response for SMEs, see his research here: Demand side response




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