Introduction to UROP project

We are starting this blog to document and reflect on the experiences of the linked 6-week UROP projects undertaken by Bryony Banham, Charis Winter and Michelle James. We think it could also be used to inform future UROP students of research processes.

UROP stands for Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme. This is a University of Reading scheme where students can apply to work in a specific area supervised by academic staff within the department. We are third year psychology undergraduates interested in pursuing Clinical Psychology careers. These projects will explore the experiences of students at the University of Reading with Mental Health Conditions (MHC), Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD). Our supervisors for the respective projects are Dr Alana James, Dr Fiona Knott and Dr Allan Laville. As there is lots of overlap between the three projects we will be working closely together on the research process.

These projects were intended to be undertaken in the Psychology building at the University, however due to the Coronavirus pandemic government guidelines suggest working from home where possible so these will now take place remotely using digital forms of communication (mainly Microsoft Teams). This may introduce some challenges in communication and building rapport with interviewees, so we are aware that we will need to proactively plan and make adjustments accordingly.

If you are interested in following the progress of these projects then we will be posting weekly updates here to keep you informed. If you would like any additional information about any aspect of the project or to participate yourself then please contact:

Bryony for MHC:

Charis for ASD:

Michelle for SpLD:

Post written by: Bryony, Charis and Michelle