Take Part – Home-led reading during COVID-19

NEW – Home-led reading project:

As a result of the findings of the first project we are running a second project looking at home-led reading activities during the lockdown and as children transition back to school. This is based on an early finding of our first survey that the level of interaction between families and teachers varies by case.

In this new study we want to explore the aspects of reading that families develop with support by teachers or completely independently from school, as in many cases of vulnerable children parents have become their children’s educators during the COVID-19 outbreak. We want to document good practices in home-led reading activities, which may lead to a continuing interaction of the two parties after school reopening for the benefit of children.


If you are a parent/carer of a child in Years 1-6, we want to hear from you. Click on the following links to go to learn more and participate.

To randomize the order with which the questions appear, we have created two versions of the same survey. Please feel free to complete either Version 1 or Version 2.

For Version 1, click on:


For Version 2, click on: