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Climate change art and politicisation

By Max Leighton Figure 1 “Ice Watch” by Olafur Eliasson at the Place du Panthéon. The blocks of glacial ice taken from Greenland melted away from 3rd to 12th December 2015, during the Paris COP21 international climate negotiations. Artists have … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Standing up for Science workshop in London

By Amulya Chevuturi On recently attending the “Standing up for Science workshop” in London, organized by “Voice of Young Science” (VoYS), I got a glimpse of the implications of my science beyond my own desk at work. I went to this … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Admissions Tutor

By Hilary Weller I am a postgraduate admissions tutor, so I see a lot of applications for PhD positions and I do a lot of interviewing. I would like to share some tips for applicants for PhD and post-doc positions … Continue reading

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From kilobytes to petabytes for global change research: take the skills survey!

By Vicky Lucas Institute for Environmental Analytics If you deal with megabytes of environmental sample data, or gigabytes of sensor data, or terabytes of model data or petabytes of remote sensing data, then I’d like you to take a survey.  … Continue reading

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Meteorology PhD theses digitised

By Catherine Turner The Meteorology department at Reading is internationally renowned for its research. This research includes hundreds of theses for which we regularly receive requests for copies.  As the department’s librarian, I wanted to digitise our collection of theses … Continue reading

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Excellent REF 2014 results for Department of Meteorology

The results for the Research Excellence Framework (REF), REF 2014, the UK’s latest assessment of University research, were released this morning (18 December 2014). The University of Reading as a whole has moved upward and the Department of Meteorology performed well, … Continue reading

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Tosca’s kiss – the effects of energetic particles on the atmosphere

By Giles Harrison, Professor of Atmospheric Physics The Sun is usually thought of as a fundamental source of visible radiation, but it also provides both a source of, and controlling influence on energetic particles which arrive in the earth’s atmosphere. … Continue reading

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Dame Professor Julia Slingo named by Science Council as one of the UK’s ‘Top 100 scientists’

The Science Council has today released a list of the 100 leading practising scientists in the United Kingdom, to challenge the UK’s narrow and old-fashioned view of science and to highlight a collective blind spot in the approach of government, … Continue reading

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How does science influence policy development in Westminster?

Ever wondered how politicians and civil servants use science to make policy decisions? Dr Jonny Day spent a week in Westminster on the Royal Society Pairing Scheme to find out. The week started with a tour of Westminster followed by … Continue reading

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Do African monsoons affect global weather?

West Africa’s population is growing rapidly, and it is uniquely exposed to complex meteorology, an uncertain future from climate change impacts & rapidly increasing air pollution. However, University of Reading climate scientists are helping sub-Saharan Africans as part of a … Continue reading

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