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Understanding Summer Flash Flooding

By Adrian Champion ‘Flash flooding’ is flooding that only lasts between a few hours and a day and typically has very little warning. There are many causes of flash flooding, from the meteorological conditions that lead to the rainfall that … Continue reading

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A PhD student’s overview of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2016

By David Flack Last week (18 – 22 April) 13,650 scientists from 109 countries descended upon Vienna for the European Geosciences Union (EGU) general assembly. This includes a range of different disciplines, not just those associated with meteorology and hydrology, … Continue reading

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Is it possible to predict inter-annual changes in terrestrial water storage at regional scales?

By Marie-Estelle Demory Our results say yes! It is possible to predict changes in terrestrial water storage, when the signal that drives the changes is strong enough. Here is an explanation. The hydrological cycle is a fundamental link between components of … Continue reading

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Climate Scientists, Cabinets and Communities in Conversation in Africa

By Ros Cornforth The Africa Climate Exchange (AfClix) is working in Africa, creating opportunities for dialogue and collaboration between climate scientists, decision-makers and local communities. We encourage the sharing of understanding, and the exchange of knowledge, in order to use … Continue reading

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The wet and stormy winter of 2013/14 over the British Isles

By Joaquim Pinto                            Department of Meteorology homepage Given its geographic position, the British Isles are often affected by extreme wet and stormy winter weather. Still, the large number … Continue reading

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Early warnings of the May 2014 Balkan floods

By Hannah Cloke                                   Department of Meteorology Weeks of rainfall followed by significant rainstorms between 13-16 May 2014 led to widespread flooding in the … Continue reading

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