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Flying through the Indian monsoon

By Andy Turner Forecasting the monsoon in India continues to be a challenge for scientists, both for the season ahead and long into the future, the monsoon being vital for 80% of the country’s annual rainfall and securing the food … Continue reading

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Energy flows, rainfall patterns and climate

By Richard Allan The subtle differences in the way heat is distributed between the northern and southern hemispheres, either side of the equator, are important in determining global rainfall patterns and climate. Over many tens of thousands of years, periodic … Continue reading

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How do emissions in Abidjan affect the price of chocolate in the UK?

By Peter Hill The majority of the cocoa beans required to supply the world’s ever increasing demand for chocolate come from southern West Africa. Unfortunately, the volume produced, and consequently the cost of cocoa beans, is heavily dependent on the … Continue reading

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Climate change and the Indian monsoon: another emissions problem

By Andy Turner I wrote a year or so ago about the forecast for the (then) forthcoming summer monsoon season. India was worried about the possible effect of a predicted El Niño on the rainfall total; El Niño is normally associated … Continue reading

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Indian Monsoon 2014 – A brief summary

By Charlie Williams Research in the Department is currently focusing on various aspects of the Indian summer monsoon, including (but not limited to) onset and withdrawal dates, active and break cycles, interannual variability and how land surface processes (such as … Continue reading

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As monsoon season approaches, a billion people await the seasonal forecast

By Dr Andy Turner As spring continues towards summer, a sense of foreboding and expectation builds – what will the monsoon bring to India this year? The Asian monsoon is one of the most dramatic expressions of the seasonal cycle … Continue reading

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