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Melting of floating ice and sea level

By Remi Tailleux Sea level rise due to global warming is an important societal issue. This motivated me a few years ago to make it part of my “Introduction to Oceanography’’ module. The main effects are easy to understand. Global sea … Continue reading

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How does the weather in the polar regions affect that in the mid-latitudes?

By Jonathan Day Rapid climate change in the Arctic has led many to question what impact these changes are having on weather in the mid-latitudes. Last week scientists from the Reading’s Department of Meteorology attended the International workshop on polar-lower … Continue reading

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Measuring global snow mass – the MicroSnow workshop

By Mel Sandells One of the limitations for measurement of global snow mass is that the satellite observations at microwave frequencies are affected not only by how much snow is on the ground, but also the size of the snow … Continue reading

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West Antarctic ice sheet: is a collapse underway?

By David Ferreira From meteorological considerations, one would expect that, in a global warming world, the Antarctic Ice Sheet would grow. With higher temperatures, air parcels can hold more water. This effect would increase the amount of moisture delivered to Antarctica … Continue reading

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Interesting times in the Arctic

As the Arctic summer comes to an end, focus has returned to sea-ice as it reaches its annual minimum coverage. Last year (2012), there was a record low sea-ice coverage, so scientists, the media and the public are watching closely … Continue reading

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28 new research appointments in climate & environment

A new cohort of climate and environment experts have joined the University of Reading as part of a £50 million investment programme to further knowledge in research areas of critical global importance. The 28 appointments, recruited over the last 12 … Continue reading

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