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Producing quantitative estimates of radiative forcing

By Will Davies Last year the Paris climate conference agreed to an action plan to limit global warming to below 2 degC – preferably 1.5 degC. Various initiatives are measuring performance against this target – such as the global warming … Continue reading

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Helping National Grid manage the sudden growth in solar power

By Daniel Drew “In Britain it had been a year without summer. Wet spring had merged imperceptibly into bleak autumn. For months the sky had remained a depthless grey. Sometimes it rained, but mostly it was just dull, a land … Continue reading

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Summer in the City – Materials, 3D Morphology and Urban Surface Temperatures

By Simone Kotthaus Who would have guessed that a zebra-crossing could go viral without a band walking across?! But this year it happened to pictures of a road in Delhi, India as the asphalt softened under soaring heat-wave conditions that … Continue reading

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Clouds, radiation and sun cream

By Mark Fielding The summer holidays are still with us, and no doubt many of us have spent time lying on a beach, drink in hand, topping up our tans. However, if your skin is as pasty-white as mine, no … Continue reading

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