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The Palm Family: Plants with a Heart

The Arecaceae, better known as the palm family, is one of the world’s most iconic plant groups. Comprised of approximately 2600 species across 181 genera (Christenhusz and Byng, 2016), this is a large and diverse family, yet simultaneously one of … Continue reading

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Dryopteridaceae on campus and in the UK

Taxonomy Division Pteridophytes Class Polypodipsida Order Polypodiales Family Dryopteridaceae

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Think outside the Box

Buxaceae at Whiteknights There’s a man buried vertically, head downwards on a hillside called Box Hill near Dorking in Surrey. You could say he was off his head when he died in 1800. No, maybe on his head… “the world … Continue reading

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Orobanche hederae – Ivy Broomrape

My last blog was on the common broomrape, Orobanche minor, the only species I had seen on campus in the past few years.  Today I was excited to receive an email from Phöbe, one of the volunteer Friends of the … Continue reading

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Orobanche minor on Whiteknights campus

Parasitic plants, particularly ones with large and colouful flowers, are always a cause of curiosity from the casual observer, and are generally uncommon enough to exite field botanists. For many years there were numerous flower spikes of Orobanche minor on … Continue reading

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White Letter Day

I had the distinct honour of adding a butterfly to the campus species list this week, in the shape of a rather smart White Letter Hairstreak. New moths come along on a near weekly basis – hardly surprising since we’ve recorded barely … Continue reading

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Bees in the grass

Every one loves bees these days and pretty much everyone loves bee orchids (Ophrys apifera) too! The University of Reading campus is no exception and there is a small population flourishing in purposefully unmown grass opposite the Hopkins Building and … Continue reading

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