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Are there any good photographers out there?

The campus species lists are steadily growing but we don’t have campus images to go with them. Some images are now coming in via the KiteSite app but we still have a very long vay to go.  If you have … Continue reading

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I missed it!

I’ve just found one of my favourite plants on campus – and I missed it in flower! I’ve seen it on campus before during the Bioblitz in 2013. It was flowering amongst what appeared to be a planted wild flower … Continue reading

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Ophrys apifera – the Bee orchid – in flower now

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Small toadflax

The Small toadflax (Chaenorhinum minus) has been found on campus. In fact it’s been here for a while according to the greenhouse staff who see it come up every year in the gravel strip between the cold frames and the … Continue reading

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Campus 21st May 2014

Sometimes my walk in to work is so amazing I just have to take some photos.  Today I wanted to check on the progress with the developing reed beds that will promote greater biodiversity around Whiteknights lake.  The blue sky … Continue reading

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Mousetail – not extinct on campus

Mousetail (Myosurus minimus) was reported in the Flora of Whiteknights Park as ‘believed to be extinct’. It had been previously recorded ‘in disturbed soil and gravel outside PSL’ (the Harborne Building). The area where it had been known had been … Continue reading

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I survived! A photo of the American speedwell

One American speedwell (Veronica peregrina) plant has survived at the edge of the lawn beside the caged plots in the greenhouse area. All the other plants in the population have succumbed to the weed killer sprayed recently. If the lawn mower … Continue reading

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