UK Storm data captured on the BT tower

In recent days the UK news has been awash with details of fallen trees and more meteorological statistics than we usually are privy to in a full month.

Available now in our graphical database is BT tower data from yesterday morning (28th October 2013) when the St Jude’s Day storm hit central London.

Windspeeds were above our set y axis during the early parts of the morning, highlighting the substantial winds above London at the BT tower site that were in excess of 20 m/s (39 knots) at 190m above street level. Turbulence breakdown showed the high level of atmospheric turbulence high above the ground during the course of the storm.

Windspeed for 28/10/2013

Turbulence for 28/10/2013

Enjoy browsing our graphical database!

(Please note: Data must not be used in any way without specific consultation with a core ACTUAL team member. We expect that permission to show and analyse data will normally be granted, but there are a number of assumptions in the collecting, processing and plotting of data that will be important to understand before the data can be used. We hope and expect to collaborate with existing and new partners in the use of our data).

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