ACTUAL members present at EGU 2014

ACTUAL project members Christos Halios and Alex Boon presented material at the European Geophysical Union’s General Assembly in Vienna this month (27th April -2nd May).

Christos’ poster describes some of the findings from our lidar setup on the Westminster City Council building in London and at a rural location (Chilbolton) outside of the city. The measurements show the daily development of the boundary layer in both an urban and a rural environment throughout the course of the year. Lidar technology provides a very detailed picture of the boundary layer and these measurements will be very helpful in understanding the underlying physics controlling the boundary layer particularly in urban areas. Christos’ poster is available here.

Alex’s poster describes some of the measurements that were undertaken in the wind tunnel at the EnFlo laboratory at the University of Surrey. These examine the dispersion of a tracer around the area of the Westminster City Council building in London and aims to determine which land surfaces in the city the rooftop mast is measuring. A source-area model is commonly used to determine an instrument’s ‘field of view’ but it is difficult to evaluate how well these models perform in urban areas. This work aims to address this gap in the knowledge. Alex’s poster is available here.

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