Sneak Peeks!

Connected magazine will be hitting your doormats or inboxes next month so it seemed a good time to share some sneak peeks with you!

Several alumni are in the limelight including an inspirational lawyer who offers legal assistance to prisoners on death row throughout the world, an award-winning whiskey blender and a NASA scientist.

Ian Chang works for Kavalan whiskey

Ian Chang works for Kavalan whiskey

We share with you some of the reasons that we are proud of Reading – we would love to hear some of the reasons that you are proud of your University – tweet us at UniRdg_Alumni using #reasonstobeproudofreading.

Reasons to be proud

Also included in the upcoming issue are: an opinion piece on the future of the great outdoors in primary education, an exciting update on the Museum of English Rural Life (MERL) refurbishment and lots of news about the University, including some big anniversaries.

An artist's vision of the new MERL experience

An artist’s vision of the new MERL experience

This month has been very Connected-focussed for me, and I am really excited about this issue. I hope that you like the new design and find the mix of articles interesting. I’ve tried to make it as diverse as possible so whatever you love about Reading, I hope you will find some of it in this magazine. As you know, I am an alumna myself so it is wonderful to be able share the latest news with you all through the magazine and e-newsletters, but one of my favourite parts of the job is hearing what you are up to now. I am finding new ways to share your success stories so I need to have more and more to share! Tweet me, email me or even pick up the phone and ring me on 0118 3784480. I would love to hear from you.

You may remember that towards the end of last year we invited you to take part in a survey to tell us what you want from your alumni programme. In the upcoming Connected we tell you what we learned from this and how we are using that knowledge, but that doesn’t mean that your involvement is at an end. I would be really interested to hear what you think about the upcoming issue of Connected, so please drop me a line when you have read yours and tell me what you think.

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