Equipment Loans

University of Reading

Reading School of Art Loans Procedure

  • While we attempt to provide what equipment we have on a fair and equitable basis, the system relies on students to also be fair and borrow or return equipment on time and working.
  • The system is based on ACQUISITION equipment (ie Cameras, sound recorders etc) being borrowed only when there is a need to have them in your possession.
  • This equipment is limited in number, so relies on a 24 hour hour/weekend loan so as to have the maximum amount of student borrowers satisfied with a minimal amount of equipment
  • In short, borrow the item ONLY when you NEED it
  • You can borrow for a shorter period than 24 hours
  • PRESENTATION equipment such as Projectors/Media Players/TVs and other equipment used mainly for display rather than creation is nominally allowed for 7 days. Longer by arrangement. However it MUST be returned on the due date.


  • The whole system relies on borrowers returning equipment so that other students may borrow the same item. At certain times, different Studios have consecutive exhibitions and prompt return of equipment is vital.
  • Penalties exist for late returns, as the culprit has inconvenienced fellow students. Illness that has been reported in the standard way will not penalise a student, but please ask a friend to act on your behalf. A loans offender report goes to the HOD every week. An item is late if the return date has not been agreed
  • No one may borrow equipment on behalf of another, particularly if a student has been banned from borrowing items. A borrower is financially responsible for equipment.You may ask for a friend to RETURN equipment on your behalf.
  • The penalties for failure to cooperate are decided by the HoD but consist of an increasing length ban from borrowing items.
  • People who borrow on behalf of a banned person are also then subject to the same ban.

TO BORROW AN ITEM first email

Arranging a loan is a conversation between the student and the technician (possibly over email), and the technician will help you identify the specific model and type of equipment right for your job

  • It’s ok to chat to Dave about concepts and availability but being stopped in the corridor and agreeing that a camera may be available doesn’t constitute a booking.
  • Arrange via email to borrow an item, this will be a negotiation and only counts as a booking once you have received an emailed reply with a timed collection/return.
  • We attempt to fulfil requests during the 9.30-10.30 and 4-5 slots, leaving the rest of the day available for other tasks. It may be possible to borrow a camera for documentation purposes on a short loan during the day but this is better booked in advance.
  • It is better for students to own their personal media drive. Try to keep the SD card clear and for exhibition use, USB drives should also only contain the files intended to be replayed. 16 or 32G is a reasonable size for each. Keep a backup elsewhere and don’t clutter an exhibition storage device with random files.