Wood Workshop

This information will be updated asap to reflect the new situation for the upcoming academic year 2021-22

 How to access the Wood Workshop:

  1. Think about your requirements:

Before attending the wood workshop in person please consider the following:

  • What it is that you want to do/make?
  • Have you undertaken these processes before?
  • Do you have the relevant workshop training?

If you cannot confidently answer the questions above for yourself then YOU MUST contact Tom or Oren through the Online Consultations to discuss your requirements and needs further. Failing to do this could mean that you will not be able to complete your work as planned.

It’s important that you are confident and are able to work safely in the wood workshop so you should ask questions if you are unsure before/during/after practical processes. However, any additional conversations that could be undertaken via a telephone or Teams call should be done this way.

  1. Book via Supersaas:

Please use the Wood Workshop booking calendar to first book onto an Online Consultation and then a F2F practical working session.

In order to book the high hazard workspace* (provided you have the relevant training) you MUST book a low hazard work bench (1-5) and state if you intend to use any high hazard machinery during your session in the project details box when signing-up.

What’s available:

  • Daily Online Consultations
  • 5x Low hazard working benches on 45min slots (Bench 1-5)
  • 1x Specialist bench for 1hour use of: Pin gun, jigsaw, router (Bench 6)

*High Hazard workspace for use of: chop saw, band saw, small band saw, scroll saw, pillar drill etc.

Calendar link here to book:

>>> Wood Workshop Calendar <<<


  1. When you arrive:


  1. Please ring the doorbell at the check-in desk on arrival and wait for Adam or Oren.
  2. You should sanitize your hands when entering and exiting the workshop.
  3. You will be given a pink wooden tag to take to your chosen bench, you should leave this at the bench/machine you work on to indicate that it will require cleaning after you have finished.
  4. You will be expected to wear a face covering at all times
  5. You will be expected to keep 2 metres away from all other staff and students at all times.
  6. You should wash your hands regularly during your working time in the workshop.


  1. Additional information:

How to purchase materials:

You can now purchase wood timbers and sheet materials through the online shop!

Link here to purchase:

>>> Online Art Shop <<<

If you are unsure what you need, please talk with Adam and Oren first via an Online Consultation.

What are you expected to provide yourself?

Please remember that you are expected to bring your own basic tools.
Basic tools you may need to bring yourself are:

  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Hand Saw
  • Hammer
  • Set Square

These items, and more, are available to purchase through the Art Shop.

Please contact Mildred Burchett-Vass regarding the shop: g.m.e.burchett-vass@reading.ac.uk


Tool Loans

There are limited tools available for use in the studio.

These can be checked out with Tom or Oren but must be returned to the wood workshop by 4:45pm the same day!

Current tools and consumables available:

  • Drills
  • Large spirit levels
  • Wood clamps
  • Sand paper
  • Screws / Nails
  • Driver & drill bits

Workshop Inductions and Training

If you require an induction or training with a specific tool/machine/process, please contact Adam.

Calendar link here to book:

>>> Wood Workshop Inductions Calendar <<<

  1. For more information and contact details please see BlackBoard organisation:

>>> Workshops Information <<<