Arts Ambassadors sought: never closer to midnight

Arts Ambassador role – paid

required for up to 10 hours between 24-26 September, £8.38 per hour


I am looking for up to four Arts Ambassadors to help spread the word about a free, live art event happening on campus on the 26 September, as part of the Reading Thames Festival.


‘never closer to midnight’ is a meditative, rhythmic outdoor live art installation, exploring our felt sense of urgency in the face of climate change.


The project draws inspiration from the Doomsday Clock imagined by scientists in 1947 to convey threats to humanity and the earth. Through repetition of human action and the familiar image of the clock, the work seeks to evoke conflicting senses of scale in the face of an individual’s response to the climate emergency.


The work will be performed twice during the afternoon of September 26th in Palmer Quad. It will be free to attend and will be drop in – so it doesn’t matter how long you stay for to watch or at what point you arrive.


Ambassadors will be roaming Whiteknights campus on the day and the previous day, telling people about the event and encouraging them to come and watch.

During the event, some ambassadors will also be needed to steward the performances, ensuring that people remain safe and being an information point.


Skills required:

Comfortable talking to people

Outgoing and friendly

Responsible and punctual

Able to work alone



Interest in arts and/or events

Interest in theme of climate change and environmental sustainability

Please apply by 18 September via Campus Jobs


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