A hard working snowy day

This Thursday I started more work experience at 9am sharp. In the morning I had a meeting with Dr. Kim Watson, we were discussing her lecture on ‘Structure based Drug Design’ and the progress I have made breaking it down and restructuring it for the new flexible learning framework. She helped me understand some of the concepts I had difficulty with, ones that I have yet to be taught, such as very specific computational approaches to drug design, e.g. knowledge based methods.

The day followed on with some video editing, knowledge learned during my summer UROP placement with the team. I was also helping prepare the finer details with Teeroumanee for the talk next week by Simon Sweeney as part of their HEA funded Internationalisation Change Programme.

We are also planning to publish our work on the new flexible learning framework, initiated during my UROP placement, in a higher education teaching and learning journal. We were discussing the content and prospective titles for canadian pharmacy viagra this new paper. The idea of being an author really excites me!

In fact, my previous work on the project will be presented  by Dr. Kim Watson, including  a video interview of myself shown,  at ‘Internationalisation in HE: Making connections’, a one day dissemination event in London on the 12th of March.

More good news is that a paper entitled ‘Work-related and Placement Learning In Biological Sciences at Reading’ by Dr T Nadan and Dr K Watson was accepted recently for the HEA STEM: Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2013: Where practice and pedagogy meet. The paper looks at the employability efforts in the School of Biological Sciences. Again my UROP work experience was highlighted in the paper.

Well, that’s the end of my busy working day here today, so I will now take a quiet walk in the snow back to my place.

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