Understanding global employability in the Biosciences

With the onset of a new term, odds are that our international students are confused, lost and worried as they settle into life in a new country and settle into their studies on a new campus. To help them, the University has numerous facilities and support structures with many volunteers and current students and staff to help orient these new students to their new environment. We encourage you to seek these out and get involved!

Our part in providing support for all our students starts now too, as students begin their new academic year. With aspirations of achieving high degree qualifications and obtaining a relevant job after graduation, students (both home and international) soon discover that pastoral and peer support are not the only contributors to becoming a Global Graduate. We need to provide an internationally aware curriculum and experience for our students.

To this end, we are deploying an online survey for all our students in the School of Biological Sciences, which seeks to understand more clearly the science skills and personal attributes necessary to produce a truly Global Graduate who will be competitive in an international market and will be able to successfully practice their chosen science globally.

Please show your support and have your say by completing the survey by following this link (include link). Your views and experiences are important to us!

Thank you.

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