Term is over, but the work is not! Genome to proteome here I come!!

To introduce myself, I am Sam Holton, a first year student in Biological Sciences. I am undertaking a UROP placement for the next 6 weeks with Dr Kim Watson and her team. My day-to-day supervisor is Dr Teeroumanee Nadan (Tee) and I am also working closely with another UROP student, Laura Cotton.

My responsibility in this project is to screen materials for the ‘Genome to Proteome’ module and contribute to a blended framework for distance learning.

I started work at 9 sharp on a cloudy Monday on July 2nd. No need to say I was a bit nervous and not fully knowing what to expect. However, my first day was amazing, the atmosphere in the office was great. Both individual and team works were fruitful.

Other placement students sharing office with me include Ora White (UROP placement, 2nd year student) and Thaddeus Ugoagu (Ted) (summer work, 3rd year student). Ora is currently working on structural determination of MOMP with close supervision of Frank Atanu; Ted is another of  Tee’s student and is working on an internationalisation project.

On my first day, after a health and safety talk and a building induction, I was analysing materials from the ‘South East university biopharma skills’ consortium project and ‘Learning through graduates’ internship biopharma project. Teaching and learning methods learnt through these two projects will be applied to our own project, and these include what skills graduates lack, how to best deliver materials and what industries expect from graduates.

The rest of the week was really wonderful. Laura and I were analysing relevant materials that could be applied to our project. I started reviewing the material (mostly PowerPoints) that could be converted into interactive video. The complexity of the materials was to no barriers, and a visit to the campus library came in very handy.

I have also had the opportunity to have social gatherings with Tee and other research students, and it was exciting to hear people talk with such passion about biology and discuss various areas of it. Looking forward for more of these!

Technology-wise, I played with several packages and equipment new to me and quickly grasped the concepts of video and audio editing. Software tested included Audacity, Camtesia Studio, Adobe, Movie Maker. We even recorded sounds and videos (a sunny weather would have been welcomed for this video shooting). Equipment used included camcorder, voice recorder, smart boards, tablet and stylus.

Good start all round, now need to proceed and produce something really interactive for  online learning !

Sam Holton


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