HEA Internationalisation Change Initiative Residential Programme

Last week I was fortunate enough to be part of the university’s team on the HEA  Internationalisation Change Initiative Programme held in Leeds.
The 2-day residential programme was organised by the HEA and was indeed very fruitful to our work here at Reading.

On Day 1, we did a Journey mapping activity, whereby we identified the challenges we still faced and the support we have in place already for our project.
At the beginning of the project, collaboration outside of the School was primarily with the Centre for the Development of Teaching & Learning (CDoTL), with support from the Pro-VC of International & External Engagement and the Faculty Director of Teaching & Learning for the Faculty of Life Sciences. However, during the process of journey mapping, we were able to identify some new stakeholders and the picture below is a representation of our new umbrella of stakeholders.

Whilst students still remain at the heart of our change initiative programme, we have realised that for a wider impact, we need to collaborate more closely with the Student Employment, Experience and Careers Centre (SEECC), Centre for Staff Training & Development (CSTD) and Study Advice. It is also essential to leverage support from both the School and Faculty Directors of Teaching & Learning across the University.

The afternoon of Day 1 can be summed up as getting engaged, getting inspired and getting involved! Lots of ideas were shared through the ‘Swap Shop’, where participants presented posters outlining their institutional projects, which provided an opportunity to share top tips. Check out the Reading poster at the bottom of this post!

Day 2 involved many reflective activities, with the different university teams having to evaluate their progress thus far and to plan for further development. Participants were also put into teams and asked to prepare a pitch to the key stakeholders. This will prove very useful as we continue to gain support for our change inititative here at Reading!

That’s all for now on this project. Please keep visiting our blog for updates and follow our progress.

If you would like to get involved, please contact us at bioscience-skills@reading.ac.uk.

UOR Poster at HEA Internationalisation Change Initiative Programme Residential
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