Software, locations, showcases and scripts!

When I was told at the start of this placement that time will “fly by”, I didn’t really believe anyone. Now that a third of my placement has gone, I am left wondering where the time has gone!

It has been another busy week testing more software (including Adobe Premier elements) and finding locations to capture both audio and video in order to produce the online materials we’ve been tasked with.

Tee and I visited the sound studio in the Minghella building, quite an impressive building and the sound studio provides the right environment for recording our voice overs.

On July 19th, I attended a “digitally ready” event in which many staff members across a broad range of disciplines from the classics department to systems engineering showcased their use of technology for Teaching & Learning.

Speakers discussed a vast range of digital tools used currently in their teaching (including blogs!) and I picked up some valuable information about methods to enhance the presentation of my current project, as well as, many other things I can hopefully implement in my further studies.

Today I have begun to write the first script to accompany the online presentation for ‘Molecular Spectroscopy’ and look forward to hopefully recording the audio next week.

That’s all for now!

Laura Cotton

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