My start in the world of publication and interviewing

My step into academic writing started last week when Tee informed me that we are going ahead with publishing my summer work and further work on the Existing and Emerging Biotechnology framework in an appropriate journal.

Obviously, Tee could have just gone ahead and given me instructions to start the write up but, instead she pointed me to some relevant journal links and started explaining about Journal Impact Factor, author guidelines, journal scope, Google Scholar and, the importance of publication, citations and Research Excellence Framework, things that I never imagined before. Suddenly, academic writing became more clear to me and I developed much appreciation for all the authors who successfully published before.

I was then given the task to go through the author guidelines and journal scope of few selected journals where we could publish our work. Subsequently, I spent a large portion of the day reading journal papers, author’s guides and learning the process of submitting a journal article. It was quite interesting to note that some papers published online would take approximately 8 months to be printed and that there were options for online and paper subscriptions. I then produced ideas for our paper, and a possible title,  following which I applied the format template of the authors guide to derive specific sections for the paper and subtitles. The process on the whole has given me a taste of the world of academic writing!

This Monday, I had the opportunity to attend a talk by our Vice Chancellor and Pro-Vice Chancellor of International and External Engagement, an opportunity for me to learn more about the university’s international agenda, an important aspect of my current work with Tee and Dr. Watson.

My work today mostly included a video recording to help with “Preparation for an interview – What every student should know!” and we’re proud to say that we recorded it in one go! The student in particular was very comfortable in front of the camera. We were interested in recording an interview with him to showcase our students who undertake placements abroad, in his case a research placement in the Hong Kong University. It was interesting to hear about his experiences in a completely different cultural environment and how he adapted to these changes. Hopefully, once the video will be uploaded on our blog, it will serve as inspiration to other undergraduates in our department seeking work placements worldwide.

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