Quick Progress on the ICP project

The past few weeks have been intertwined with meetings and our Evaluation Report on this project.

I just recently got involved in this project (5 weeks ago) and am glad to say that despite the steep learning curve, much progress was achieved over such a short time.

We were able to meet with key stakeholders, including the Director of the International Office, Faculty Director of Teaching & Learning, CDoTL team members, and academics in the Departments of Chemistry and Food & Nutritional Sciences who work a lot with international students.

Key actions arising from these meetings:

Increase awareness of the project via:

  • Post in the Teaching & Learning blog
  • T&L showcases
  • Delivery & Enhancement of Learning & Teaching meeting’s report

Further to meeting those people, we were also able to get the support of Careers, Placement & Experience Centre (CPEC, previously SEECC) and obtain some very useful data from them.

Key tip from the recent two weeks:

You never know who can help you and how?  Give it a try and meet your colleagues.

What next?

We will soon meet up with more stakeholders (HODs, Pro-VCs, FDTLs, more CDoTL members, International Support Services) in order to gather as much information as possible to tailor our recommendations for this project.

We are also looking into deploying a survey to all the schools/departments involved in this project. We are mapping as many questions as we can from the Pathfinder project (from CDoTL).

Further updates will follow.




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