Smile you are on video camera

Today, Ted went round the campus to capture snapshots of the library and it’s facilities and also different locations of our greenly campus . From his snapshots, few observations were significant such as wrong video technique known as “hoovering” and some cloudy background. However, it was solely for testing purposes.

Ted hypothesized that the background quality could be as result of video camcorder being used. Testing his hypothesis, he discovered that his smart phone, with 8 mega pixel camera, produced much more highly defined snapshots than the camcorder with 10 mega pixel camera. Hmm, strange!!

To prevent hoovering, we will be using a tripod stand to stop constant wiggling of the camera thus enhancing the video quality. As soon as we have familiarised ourselves with the appropriate techniques, we can then commence with the audio/video interview.

This is all we have for you this week, there will be more updates coming your way soon.

For the meantime, “keeeeep” reading out blogs!!!!!

Ted & Tee

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