Our work with the Study Advisers

Recent works in this project has seen a collaboration with the Study Advice. Matt Daley (International Student Adviser) and Dr Michelle Reid (Study Adviser) will be tailoring presentations to our students’s demography in the following:

  1. Going Global and Adjusting to Student Life in the UK and Study in the UK (for both international and home students)

2. Referencing & Plagiarism

We will conduct 2 such sessions, incorporating discussions on topics such as Independent Learning and Academic Writing, in the first instance. These sessions will also include interactive activities involving both international and home students to enhance intercultural understanding.

These sessions most likely during the Spring term, we are now in discussion with Timetabling to have these sessions embedded in the undergraduates’ timetable.

We have also recently been informed that our proposal to present the outcomes of this project has been accepted at the Internationalising learning and teaching: making connections conference 12th march 2013 in London.

We have also put in our participation for the  25th Annual EAIE Conference to disseminate our projects.

With regards to the ICP project, we have successfully put together an Evaluation Report for the ICP project and have had discussions regarding the directions of this project the Associate Dean of Faculty of Science (Dr Orla Kennedy).

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