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I am pleased to blog that I will be presenting my work so far during my placement at the Digitally Ready showcase event on 1st March. Interestingly, I will be the only student presenting on that day.

The synopsis is as follows:

‘Undergraduate student Sam Holton has been working with academic staff in the School of Biological Sciences to develop the Existing and Emerging Biotechnologies (EEB) Framework, initially as a placement student under the University’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme and now funded by Digitally Ready’

When Tee first told me about the prospect of doing a presentation I was pretty nervous, as my last public speaking event had been for quite a while. However, after learning a bit more about the day and what I will be talking about I felt far more confident.

During my UROP placement, Tee only had a chance to show me the basics of Prezi, and this time she got the opportunity to make sure that I do use it. I spent a large portion of last Thursday (my office day) coming up with the presentation using Prezi.  Prezi is a great piece of software, allowing the user to creatre really visually stunning presentations, however it not exactly easy to use. I had a few struggles putting the presentation together.

Prezi is available to all university students. Having prepared the presentation in Prezi, and the amount of flexibility that it provides (sharing mode, etc), I would definitely recommend other students to create an account and start creating amazing presentations. I am definitely going to use this wonderful application for a presentation in one of my modules this year!

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